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ThinkstockPhotos 480681166At Vision Creative Solutions, we look at Social Media Marketing as not only a direct channel to acquire and inform new customers, but also as a distribution and outreach channel to help push your overall website traffic and SEO goals. Search engine algorithms, including those of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, key in on social media interaction and view it as a sign of relevancy.

As with any single marketing channel, social media must be integrated as part of a larger, interconnected campaign. A social media strategy alone will not guarantee online success for a company; however, ignoring social media is not an option if your goal is to be successful online.

We have many B2B (business to business) clients that may never win a customer directly from a social media channel; however, through consulting with one of our people, we’re able to educate them on the fact that social media plays an important role in getting more signals pointing back at their website. For example, we may post a blog on a client's' website, or through one of our partner websites, then we may use the client’s social media profiles to push that information out (i.e., distribution). Now, there may be very few people who see that Facebook or Twitter post; however, Google sees it and they put heavy emphasis on social media links and engagement. The more signals you have coming back, from social media and other channels, the more likely you are to get rewarded by search engines.