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ThinkstockPhotos 179133731In 2001, coming from a 30+ year background in the printing industry, founder Lee Greenblatt made a decision to expand into a full service marketing company. Having spent much of his life in the small Western Pennsylvania community of Punxsutawney, Lee didn’t have to think very long before deciding where to launch his vision. Far from being a hindrance, our location has proven to be an advantage. Lee was pleased and fortunate to bring his three sons into the business. His middle son, Josh, today holds the position of VP of Operations, essentially running the day-to-day operation.

Over the years, Vision's partnerships with various industries allowed the company to add several talented marketing professionals to the team. Lee remains active behind the scenes, and while less involved in daily business, continues to provides a wealth of experience, guidance, and networking strengths to our creative/marketing group.   

Today, our roots are firmly planted in Western Pennsylvania, but our reach extends far beyond. From our base in Punxsutawney, and our satelite office in Pittsburgh, Josh Greenblatt leads an array of marketing specialists in fields ranging from branding to broadband, from market positioning to multimedia, from copywriting to corporate identity, and much more. At Vision, we are proud of the business that we've been able to build and are proud of our team of seasoned professionals who answer only to our clients and ourselves. We value our relationships with some of the top companies in PA and beyond, and continue to be trusted marketing partners to our clients.